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Included in the purchase price of your homesite at Jindalee Beachside is fencing & landscaping incentives (*terms & conditions apply – Subject to the buyer completing the construction of a dwelling in accordance with the Restrictive Covenants and the Development Conditions and the Build Guidelines within 24 months from settlement):

Fencing Incentive

The Seller will provide a fencing rebate to the Buyer of $4000 provided the boundary fencing is compliant with the restrictive covenant and is erected within 90 days of completion of the home.

How to apply for the fencing Incentive – email Steve Wilcox

Landscape Incentive

The Seller will procure for the Buyer the provision by a Contractor or Contractors nominated by the Seller of good quality landscaping & reticulation works to the front garden of the property inclusive of the laying of instant turf to a proportion of the area between the road curb and the front and side (if a corner) boundary of the land.

How to apply for the Landscaping Incentive – click here to download and complete the Landscaping Application Voucher.

Design Guidelines & Restrictive Covenants
Deposited Plans
Typical Wall Design
Local Structure Plan
Foreshore Concept Plan